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Digital is Simple is a technology-focussed AI development company to offers the best-in-class enterprise solutions. We integrate expertise and technology to deliver the solutions to our reputed clients.

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Get future-ready automated solutions with AI Application Development Company

Artificial Intelligence in every form in various sectors offers a leveled-up success. So, you need a next-gen technology partner for your firm to get custom AI applications. At Digital is Simple, you get the best in class AI experts to help you create tailored AI solutions. We are a reputed AI application development company known for its next-gen solutions. Our AI development team has worked with leading clients associated with different industries.

Whether it’s healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, or e-commerce, everyone is rushing to consult an AI development company. That is why artificial intelligence software is so crucial to success in this digital-dominant landscape. Leverage our AI consulting, development, and support services to enhance your business performance.

Our AI app development services offer you an extensive set of support solutions to integrate robust AI development strategies. These AI-integrated solutions offer your business a competitive edge. Plus, we extend our services across the verticals with tech-inspired solutions.

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Integrate AI excellence with our extensive AI Application Development Services

You can collaborate with an AI app development company to meet your business application needs under one roof. We focus on delivering custom, secure, and quality services.

Services AI Development Consultation

You can reach out to our ai application solutions experts to get timely guidance about the most relevant technology for your application development. Our AI consultant team offer great integration consultation to offer a complete next-gen solution for your firm.

Services AI API Development

Looking to refine your AI application functionality, get in touch with our developer to make smooth integration of new and third-party APIs. And offer your users a secure platform to interact for services and transactions via a streamlined API gateway of your solution.

Services AI Technology Migration

Migrate your existing AI technology with professional guidance from India’s leading ChatGPT development company for business competitiveness. So, our experts ensure to migrate your solutions to new business platforms to attract more users.

Services Custom Application Development

We have AI professionals to simplify your complex business applications with a custom and user-friendly application interface. And help you use the best-tailored solution to fit your AI's unique needs for your business to thrive in the competitive market space.

Services Upgrade/modernize Applications Services

Our expert can upgrade your existing AI applications to meet modern business requirements within the set deadline. So, that your AI development software can fulfill your business needs without any hassles of data loss or error-prone applications.

Services Support & Maintenance Services

Timely support maintenance is one of our priorities. We keep your application protected from possible online threats. Our team of dedicated developers extends their expertise to offer AI application solutions and post-maintenance to your business projects.

Next-gen AI App integrations for your business solutions

Is your business lacking next-gen technology integration and facing business failures? The modern future-focused tech stack extensively supports your artificial intelligence development solutions. Our AI App Development Services offer future-ready solutions for you.



Create systems that leverage Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to interpret complex data, identify trends, and detect similar patterns to guide you in critical business situations. So, businesses should include ML in their solutions to offer predictive analytics. The firm focuses on offering user-centric solutions for increased success. Businesses can easily make informed decisions to forecast accurate predictions.

Artificial Intelligence

Chatbot development

If you face any issues with offering excellent interactive applications for your business? Then an AI application development company can help to create chatbots for your solutions. You can get the help of experts to build advanced, self-learning, and robust chatbot applications that leverage Artificial Intelligence to understand the context of the conversation and reply like humans.

Artificial Intelligence

Image Recognition

Image Recognition in AI applications helps to transform enterprise applications to interact with visual data. So, the future of such integrated applications is bright and focused on taking you to the next level. AI applications for analysis and classification of data with computer vision tools for image recognition, processing, and object detection, with improved speed and accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing

AI-integrated NLP solutions offer numerous opportunities to businesses. It enables machines to understand, analyze, and interpret business solutions. Enable machines to process and analyze large volumes of data including search-related queries, business data entries, and audio sources with our NLP software solutions. The use of this transformative tech stack helps to make your solutions future-focused.


How Does Artificial Intelligent Application Development Boost Business Success?

AI helps to gain actionable insights and predict future results by understanding the current trends to create business solutions.

Services Enhanced Automation

AI application development services automate repetitive tasks, reducing manual effort and improving operational efficiency.

Services Data-driven Decisions

AI processes large datasets quickly for informed decision-making, strategic planning, and business optimization.

Services Customer Personalization

ChatGPT integration services analyze customer behavior, enabling businesses to offer personalized experiences and product offers.

Services Improved Service

AI-powered chatbots and assistants enhance user support with instant responses and improve customer satisfaction.

Services Fraud Detection

In AI algorithms enhance security measures by detecting patterns of fraudulent activities against cyber threats.

Services Competitive Edge

Businesses adopting AI gain a competitive advantage by staying ahead in technological advancements.

Technology stack we implement Artificial Intelligence App Development

We have the best AI application development company that provides industry specific AI development solutions to elevate your business success.

Explore Our Success Stories

Look how our Artificial intelligence application development experts helped our reputed clients to excel in the digital space.

success stories

Next-Gen Learning Chatbot For High-Octane Product Training

Our client needed a strong sales strategy with deep knowledge of product training for sales executives. With this approach in mind, our client decided to build a learning chatbot to help train their sales team on product features and advantages. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the chatbot makes the training process highly interactive and includes gamification for engagement.

success stories

Tracking & Collision Avoidance Mechanism To Improve Road Safety

Our team of experienced AI/ML developers has developed a tracking and collision prediction application for pedestrian safety. Integrating advanced technologies for the development of a pedestrian safety module was the priority of our client. They need a new solution to address the rising need for safe traveling in big cities. Our development approach involved analyzing data using ML about the pedestrian's position, and road conditions.

success stories

Smart Lighting And Monitoring Solution For Farming Services

Our client offers advanced lighting and electrical solutions for different industry niches. They were looking for a solution to provide alternative lighting resources to farms. They already have hardware tools for artificial lighting but need an AI-powered application to remotely control. Our team has expertise in farming solutions together with AI technologies. This expertise was very much required for building and integrating a new application for smart lighting solutions.

Strategic Roadmap We Follow to Offer AI App Development Services

Our extensive team of AI experts ensures the integration of the next-gen tech stack into your business solutions.

Requirement gathering

Requirement Gathering

The AI development process starts with gathering all your business requirements. We use data for insights to understand business challenges and the outcomes to achieve.

Plan Tech Suite

Our AI application development company analyzes the requirements gathered and gives suggestions about the integration of the latest technology suite.

Plan Tech Suite
Design & Development

Design & Development

We build a prototype design of the full application. Our team works in an agile manner to develop the business solution. We get a review to check the progress we’ve made.

Deploy & Support

Deployment isn’t the end of our collaboration. We’ll continue to work and make changes as required for the optimized performance of the AI application.


Industries We Cater To

We have a full-fledged team of AI experts to help you with custom AI solutions for your business across verticals. As we have extensive expertise gained over the years.

Why choose us as an AI application development company?

At Digital is Simple, we offer our reputable clients the best-in-class and automated solutions for the competitive market.

Services Trustworthy Services

We have developed diverse AI applications to overcome businesses' technical challenges and boost operational efficiency. Business managers and entrepreneurs across the globe trust us.

Services Proven Expertise

Our AI development services experience spans virtually all industry niches. Being at the forefront of software development, we can find the best solution for every kind of requirement.

Services Reputable Clientele

We have served some of the most reputed global brands from industries like education, finance, automobile, & entertainment. This helps us stay ahead of the competitors.

Services Results-oriented Approach

We have always stayed committed to helping clients achieve their business goals with the right AI development services. Our results-driven approach has helped clients achieve new milestones.

Services Automated Processes

Get the market-ready AI development solutions to offer your business a leveled-up business success. We offer tech-driven AI solutions to automate tasks to multiply productivity.

Services Achieve Efficiency

We ensure to offer a team of AI experts to help you achieve the desired results without hassles. Our team ensures to offer solutions that can offer superior excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our AI and generative AI consulting services provide a comprehensive approach to leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence and generative models. In our AI consultancy, we work closely with your team to understand your business objectives and find areas where AI can provide transformative value. We then create bespoke AI strategies that include data collection, model selection, training, deployment, and continuous optimization.
Begin with a solid foundation in computer science and a strong understanding of a programming language, preferably Python. Next, study basic algorithms, followed by machine learning and data science concepts. Apply theoretical knowledge to AI initiatives. Before partnering with our Digital is Simple, you should be:
  • Familiarize yourself with AI's capabilities and limitations.
  • Determine your aims for implementing AI.
  • Evaluate your company's AI preparedness.
  • Integrate AI into certain jobs and processes in your organization.
  • Learn from your failures and strive for AI greatness.
Our AI application development company primarily serves the healthcare and eCommerce industries with AI and ML software development. We develop applications that leverage AI and ML algorithms to improve accuracy, predict outcomes, and enhance research. Plus, we integrate into areas such as fraud detection, risk assessment, and investment analysis. By leveraging advanced algorithms, we help institutions identify fraudulent activities in real time, assess them more accurately, and make data-driven decisions.
An AI app development business can customize and tailor the AI APIs to meet your specific use cases and goals. They may fine-tune the AI algorithms, alter parameters, and optimize APIs to ensure that your software product performs optimally and with accuracy. We start with understanding the basics of custom AI model development:
  • Identify the issue and goals.
  • We involve data preparation, algorithm selection, and model architecture design.
  • And then data splitting, model training, hyperparameter tuning, and model assessment.