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What is ChatGPT and What You Should Not Miss in 2024?

The introduction of ChatGPT created quite a buzz among users and entrepreneurs. As, the strong competitor to Google, ChatGPT soon became popular for many. This trained model by OpenAI is here to solve any queries. Such as to generate content, create images, or want to get inspired someday. But what is ChatGPT exactly? If you also think about this question? Then let’s dive in to know more. 

What is ChatGPT? 

It has been a long that ChatGPT entered the main domain. However, some people are not clear about the workings of ChatGPT. So, here is a quick glimpse of what is ChatGPT for you. ChatGPT is a large language model trained by OpenAI to generate human-like text. It is used for a variety of purposes to generate unique tests.  

This large and powerful model generates high-quality results. Simply put, human understands this largeAI model  to generate unique texts. So, you can learn a lot of new ideas from this smart assistant. However, a continuous internet connection is crucial. So, that there will be no stoppage to the access of the results.  

A look at the ChatGPT statistics in 2024 

  • As of May 2024, ChatGPT has more than 180.5 million monthly users.  
  • Currently, there are more than 92% of Fortune 500 companies that uses ChatGPT. 
  • As per reports, the revenue of ChatGPT will reach $1 billion in 2024. 
  • OpenAI spends approximately $700,000 every day to operate ChatGPT. 
  • ChatGPT gets over 1.7 billion page visits on average every month. 

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Applications of ChatGPT for different users 

Here are some useful applications of ChatGPT.  


Information retrieval 

ChatGPT helps to find information on a variety of subjects. So, you get your desired answers to the factual questions. If you ask what is ChatGPT and what it can do? Then it helps to retrieve the data as per your needs. And get the desired outcomes when user type in their business queries.  

Language translation 

Don’t get amazed if we say it can also help with incredible translation. ChatGPT is quite a popular model that deals with language-related tasks. So, it can offer real-time translation to various users. Even it can help to remove the language barrier and ensure the inclusion of NLP capabilities. 

Creative writing 

ChatGPT is a super smart high language model to generate content. So, if you content pieces to attract users and connect with them. The What is ChatGPT answer can offer useful prompts for storytelling and suggestions. Even if you want to write lengthy write-ups, this AI assistant can help you in every form. As it also increases productivity and improves the output quality. 

Learning assistance 

You can easily learn from the smart ChatGPT for educational and learning purposes. As, it offers explanations, answers, and examples as per our asked queries. So, you get assisted on different complex concepts for additional support. You get an incredible support from this model. 

Seamless editing 

When ChatGPT can manage to write creative texts, then it can also offer a thorough checking. It offers feedback, suggestions, and grammar checks, and enhances the text’s overall look. So, if someone asks what is ChatGPT, then the correct answer it is an all-rounder tool. And it works as the human expertise support to achieve the desired success. 

What is a ChatGPT prompt?  

After knowing what is ChatGPT in Hindi, now we move to understand the prompt. So, what is ChatGPT prompt? Simply prompt is a phrase or instruction to offer the ChatGPT API model for response generation. So, the prompts can be in any form of words, or sentence with some suggesting words. Such as creativity or engagement-focused words. 


Let’s look at how you can write a ChatGPT prompt: 

  1. Visit the OpenAI prompt: Access the ChatGPT so you can easily engage with the ChatGPT model and get answers. 
  2. General availability: The OpenAI has expanded its access to ChatGPT because of its open-source nature.  
  3. No waitlist: Earlier, users used to be on the waitlist to gain access to ChatGPT. And OpenAI helped to remove the waitlist to get more users for this model.  

Although you must follow the ChatGPT policies and regulations to pass on the needful prompts. So, to excel as a credible user you must check how you offer ethical usage. 

Here is how you can do it: 

Write a prompt with heading and target keywords to be specific 

Suggest me with some ideas for blog posts about SEO optimization

Target keyword: SEO optimization, organic SEO, SEO Services


You can easily outline what you want to highlight 

Please outline the useful tips for beginners about SEO optimization. Highlight meta description, meta tags, and URLs


You can outline the necessary keywords in the blog 

First, make a LSI and NLP keyword list to use in how SEO optimization helps you rank in the SERPS Use related terms, long-tail keywords and other words.


So, you can easily structure the blog with these prompts 

Add some stats for the beginners and some FAQs for knowledge


What is ChatGPT API and how it works? 

API or Application Programming Interface acts as middle software. It defines how apps communicate between the requests and responses. So, the ChatGPT API helps to tap into the game-changing power of ChatGPT. And you can get the accuracy with just a small phrase that is clear and concise. So, ChatGPT API helps to automate user support, analyze data, and do text-based work.  

Let’s look at how to access ChatGPT API. 

  • Go to the official OPenAI website and create an OpenAI account for the API key. 
  • Click the API key from the left sidebar.  
  • Choose to create a new secret key. 
  • You can copy your uniquely created API key and save it for further use to keep the full version of the key only once. 

What is a recommended practice when using ChatGPT? 

Here are some of the crucial recommendations you must learn while using ChatGPT. 

Provide concise instructions 

So, the first and foremost step is to offer a clear prompt to ChatGPT. If you ask what is ChatGPT prompt is all about. Because CatGPT uses an AI algorithm to generate accurate content. So, you must offer structured input to get the best results. You understand that the quality of the answer the quality of the question. So, you must know how to give clear prompts to get the desired outcomes. 

Feed with examples 

You can easily examples to generate the ChatGPT response. You can learn from this example to be more accessible. And offer incredible responses as per your clear prompt. You can serve the standard for the model framework. Moreover, you can use relatable examples to get effective outputs. 

Experiment with phrasing 

Never stop experimenting with your phrases. As you know practice makes you perfect. Try to mold the phrases or prompts to discover the best of the results. If you are uncertain about using prompts you can add up your touch to get the best output. Also, this will help you fine-tune with prompts for your desired responses.  

Utilize user-like behavior 

Just pretend to be a user while giving commands. Because then the results will offer the right guide for your help. As you now know what is ChatGPT let’s talk users. So, this technique will come as an effective method to extract meaningful results quickly. So, you can emulate a certain persona to generate user-specific responses.  

Specify the format 

You can specify the format of your response by explaining them in your prompt. Such as bullet lists, paragraphs, explicit definitions, etc. It helps ChatGPT to get the desired output in a specific format. Your responses can help you improve the output in the desired format. 

Repeat and refine 

The initial responses from what is ChatGPT may not satisfy you. And if doesn’t meet your needs iterate your prompts. Ensure the commands are explicit to get additional context. You can rephrase the queries to improve the response quality. Plus, you can use an interactive process to refine your prompts for desired results. 

What makes ChatGPT different from other AI tools? 

Here are three different reasons that make ChatGPT a bit different from its competitors. 

Open access 

ChatGPT is available and open-source for the users. So, that any user can use it temporarily for quick results. The OpenAI model releases different models for a small group of people. If you know now what is ChatGPT, you can answer this.

So, the public iteratively can use the platform to generate the desired results. The open-access nature allows the users can use it freely. However, the general public can easily access the ChatGPT at the same time. Without any mixed match of the user’s results.  

Model performance 

The preview of OpenAI’s latest GPT 3.5 NLP technology. So, the CHatGT works as the memorizing powerhouse with the ML and NLP integration. The traditional chatbots can handle queries across the defined domains.

So, they address a human-like manner to address different issues. Even the correction of results can offer different mistakes. You can follow up questions and ask repeatedly about inappropriate requests. It helps to reduce the risk of confusion. 

Accessible for everyday  

You can use ChatGPT for simple everyday use and conversational results. Even the users can easily pass on prompts to get the desired results. So, the general public can understand. On the other hand, Open AI models like Bloom need technical expertise. It offers a steep learning curve than using ChatGPT models.

This creates confusion among the users. And if they want to know what is ChatGPT? Then it’s the easiest model to work with in the modern era. As, it increases the debugging, idea generation, and editing capabilities. 

Real-world use case of ChatGPT across the verticals  

Here are some of the industries affected by the integration of ChatGPT. 

1. eCommerce 

Global eCommerce giants like Amazon and Alinbaba are integrating ChatGPT into their functions. So, that what is ChatGPT can offer personalized shopping experiences to users. The potential AI model helps to convert the visitors into users.

As, the smart integration will help to collect browsing history, human purchases, and more. Even it helps to enhance the shopping experience of the buyers as per suggestions. 

2. Education 

The education sector just like others is growing at a rapid pace. You can see how Cousera an edtech giant t reaching out to various students. So, the interactive learning experiences amplify the student experience. Even the AI tutor is here to help and resolve any queries. And it also personalizes the learning experience for every user. 

3. Healthcare 

If you ask what is ChatGPT, then there is no new term. The rise of the integration of ChatGPT made the healthcare sector more interactive. Even the users can type in their symptoms. And the AI health advisor can help to suggest medicine and lifestyle changes. So, the use of ChatGPT in healthcare can transform patient accessibility and interaction. 

4. Finance 

If you seek smart financial advice for your transactions. Then you can see how Mint uses ChatGPT to interact and advise the users. Even the AI can easily analyze the users to understand the finance workflow. And the investors, buyers, and agents to understand the finances. And they can focus on saving and investing as per budget. 

What’s the future of ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is an incredible AI chatbot with a refined performance to offer user suppot. This AI model holds the potential to transform the refined domains and the upcoming future events. The evolving dynamic landscape demands the growing AI model. With this, ChatGPT will also evolve to fulfill the user’s needs.

You can easily combine the advances in NLP processing, error reduction, and other expansions. Even the future of ChatGPTis quite bright with the new advancements. The integration of Open AI will help to keep up and iterate with the phase. Also, it enhances the relationship between humans and computers. 


ChatGPT is an incredible transformation for the industries. So, it becomes crucial for all of us to understand what is ChatGPT. Here we present a short guide to understand the overall use and use cases of ChatGPT. Or you can consult an AI development company for assistance. 


Does ChatGPT have the most recent data? 

OpenAI has officially stated that ChatGPT will have unlimited access to the full internet beginning in September 2021. Everyone will benefit from ChatGPT’s ability to give up-to-date info. The developers have considerably improved ChatGPT to improve its functioning. 

Does ChatGPT save your conversations? 

Yes, OpenAI keeps the data created when you engage with ChatGPT. According to OpenAI, the information generated by your interactions with ChatGPT is used to “improve” the AI model and may be examined by human AI trainers. Simply put, someone could ultimately be reading parts from your discussions. 

 Is ChatGPT safe? 

One of the most amazing features of ChatGPT is the OpenAI team’s efforts to ensure the chatbot’s safety. Although there were several safety concerns during the first few days of ChatGPT’s public presentation, a large majority of them have been addressed. 

Will ChatGPT replace Google Search? 

There has been a lot of discussion regarding ChatGPT replacing Google. Given its powers, it’s understandable that many individuals think so. However, ChatGPT will not replace Google Search or any other search engine shortly. 

Will ChatGPT Replace You at Work? 

There are numerous compelling arguments to support this notion. They can create computer programs, articles, and emails, as well as perform the functions of a human customer service representative. Are we going to be retired by ChatGPT? No, not soon.