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Digital is Simple is a technology-focussed AI development company to offers the best-in-class enterprise solutions. We integrate expertise and technology to deliver the solutions to our reputed clients.

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Partner with a tech-savvy AI development company to customize future-forward tech solutions

If you plan to be future-forward, you need a reliable partner to help you offer the best AI solutions. As, one of the leading AI development companies, Digital is Simple helps businesses to redefine their processes with tech-focused AI solutions. So, as to generate valuable insights, optimize processes, and identify patterns for improved productivity.

We present a team of AI experts to leverage the AI models with the latest tech stack to build high-end solutions. Such as voice assistant, facial recognition, and chatbot development for personalized experiences. Plus, these technical integrations help to improve decision-making strategies.

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions improve business processes by enhancing marketing strategies. And we aim to offer business-focused solutions to improve performance and real-time actionable insights. Moreover, offering you an enterprise solution with zero errors and bugs.

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Explore our range of AI development services for your business

At Digital is Simple, we ensure to present to you the industry-specific Artificial Intelligence solutions to deliver bespoke results.

Artificial Intelligence solutions we offer

We present AI-integrated services to customize business solutions to automate mundane tasks and extract insights for better decision-making.

Robotic process automation

Robotic process automation

We present you with operational efficiency with AI-integrated automation to offer cutting-edge AI development solutions. Also, helps the growing businesses to achieve operational excellence.

Chatbot development

Chatbot development

Get the integration of smart chatbots to enhance user interactions to scale up your business. So, you easily get the experience and satisfaction for a long-term partnership with the users.

Image processing

Image processing

You can easily utilize AI capabilities to streamline complex processes. So, our AI development company helps to integrate image processing and pattern recognition for transformations.

Advanced-data analytics

Advanced-data analytics

We craft software to manage the aggregation, processing, and analysis. And help you deliver forecasts and results as per the variable datasets and offer suggestions for decision-making.

Business process automation

Business process automation

Leveraging the latest ML and deep learning algorithms to automate mundane tasks and processes from ingestion to accurate decision-making execution for better results.

IoT solutions

IoT solutions

AI, IoT, and big data are the big names in the technology space to make intelligent machines for automated interactions for decision-making without any human intervention.


Why choose Digital is Simple for AI development solutions?

We at Digital is Simple ensure to offer tech-driven services with benefits that will help in business growth as per your unique needs.

Services AI expertise

We have a team of skilled AI professionals with immense expertise gained in multiple years of experience to craft tailored solutions.

Services Extensive experience

Our AI development company presents years of experience as your trusted technology partner to create AI-integrated solutions.

Services Security-focused solutions

You get secure and highly tech-focussed AI solutions with industry-leading practices to ensure desired success in projects.

Services Agile development

Our expert team follows an in-depth consultation process to understand your goals and needs to tailor professional enterprise solutions.

Services Business knowledge

We showcase superior professionalism in every project to carry out the development process smoothly to create robust projects.

Services Flexible engagement

Get the AI development experts easily with our flexible hiring model that fits into your business budget and needs smoothly.

Services Advanced tools

Our AI development company leverages modern tools and technologies to empower your solutions with bespoke expertise.

Services Focus on ROI

Our goal is your success. We work tirelessly to ensure your AI investment delivers tangible returns.

Technology stack we use

Our dedicated AI development services experts leverage the latest and advanced tools and technologies to integrate into your business solutions. We present you with optimized enterprise solutions.

Explore our success stories

success stories

Next-Gen Learning Chatbot For High-Octane Product Training

Our client needed a strong sales strategy with deep knowledge of product training for sales executives. With this approach in mind, our client decided to build a learning chatbot to help train their sales team on product features and advantages. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the chatbot makes the training process highly interactive and includes gamification for engagement.

success stories

Tracking & Collision Avoidance Mechanism To Improve Road Safety

Our team of experienced AI/ML developers has developed a tracking and collision prediction application for pedestrian safety. Integrating advanced technologies for the development of a pedestrian safety module was the priority of our client. They need a new solution to address the rising need for safe traveling in big cities. Our development approach involved analyzing data using ML about the pedestrian's position, and road conditions.

success stories

Smart Lighting And Monitoring Solution For Farming Services

Our client offers advanced lighting and electrical solutions for different industry niches. They were looking for a solution to provide alternative lighting resources to farms. They already have hardware tools for artificial lighting but need an AI-powered application to remotely control. Our team has expertise in farming solutions together with AI technologies. This expertise was very much required for building and integrating a new application for smart lighting solutions.

The comprehensive process we follow for AI development solutions

We at Digital is Simple, ensure to put efforts to customise business solutions with the powers of AI. Our process offers transparent and value-driven business solutions.



Our kick-off development by defining all system requirements, and making smarter technology decisions for your solutions.


We determine the product with the approved feel and look to streamline the user experience for the final release.



After the designing phase, we move to the development phase to create the solution that fits your business needs.


Our AI development services follow a rigorous testing process to ensure the solution you get is bug-free and smooth.



Then we move to the last phase of the process with the complete knowledge, time, and cost to deploy the application.

Industries we cater to

Our dedicated AI experts help each business vertical with their extensive expertise gained over years of experience in your unique business needs.

What our client says

Hear from the best experiences of our clients. And look how their process went smoothly with our AI experts on their dedicated projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

The complexity of your AI model is one of the most important elements influencing the cost of developing AI software. Complex AI models can cost as much as a whole software. The average cost of specialized AI systems ranges from $6000 to over $500,000.
AI-powered solutions may help businesses forecast material and shipping costs, as well as estimate how quickly products will move through the supply chain. These insights assist supply chain professionals in deciding how to ship their items most efficiently. Let's look at some of the pointers to select the best AI firms:
  • Define your business needs
  • Evaluate their customer feedback.
  • Analyze their technology stack
  • Prioritize effective communication
  • Discuss their pricing.
AI projects typically last three to 36 months, depending on the extent and complexity of the use case. But it might depend on various factors to get your projects within the budget and deadline. However, taking expert assistance can always help you build a successful project.
The success of AI cooperation in a team can be measured using quantifiable measures such as project completion time, error reduction, and cost savings achieved through AI-driven solutions. Furthermore, assessing user satisfaction, team productivity increases, and alignment with corporate goals is critical. And being one of the leading AI development companies, Digital is Simple takes care of all the needs you mention for the project. And ensure to include you in every stage of the development for transparency.