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Simplifying User Journey With Custom AI Services For Next-Gen Experience

In this age of digitalization, organizations strive to improve their productivity, diminish expenses, and upgrade efficiency. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has played a significant role in this and companies that apply its capability can acquire an upper hand over those who don't. However, each business doesn't need the same type of AI.

Pre-manufactured AI applications may not fit the needs of each organization. Therefore, as a custom AI solutions provider, we ensure that all our solutions are fashioned to the requirements of the business. As technology advances, businesses must deal with the latest trends to remain competitive. One such rapidly increasing trend is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our AI specialists are devoted to aiding you in spotting areas where custom AI services could have an immense impact on your business. Whether you are searching for a chatbot to answer customer queries or a smart recommendation engine. Or predictive analytics, our team can construct tailored solutions that satisfy your distinct requirements.

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Custom AI Services

Custom AI Services We Offer

Our company offers comprehensive custom AI solutions, granting businesses of all sizes and across all industries the chance to improve their operations, decrease costs, and ultimately raise their bottom line.

Services Predictive Modeling

Easily predict future outcomes in custom AI solutions based on extracted historical records. The data offers an easier prediction of fraud events. Also, machine failures can be predicted easily to increase potential and report errors in the system.

Services Text Categorization

Get text classification capabilities for your system. Such as sentiment analysis, email organization, ticket routing, spam detection, etc. And it will be easier to categorize the text into specific sections to help you get fruitful business results.

Services Topic Modeling

You can easily manage the text data with seamless topic modeling. We offer extensive support to tickets and legal custom AI services documents for automated labels. And to ensure an easier topic or data modeling for your applications.

Services Personalized Solution

You can personalize your user experience with tailored solutions. Offer your user with a personalized product, articles, tags, and more. We offer our team of AI experts personalized content to improve discovery and boost the revenues of the firm.

Services Customer Insights

Understand your customers inside out with our Artificial Intelligence custom solutions. You can easily patterns in search logs, customer reviews, support tickets, etc. Also, it helps to fulfill user needs and support informed decisions.

Services Data Transformation

Extract datasets from disparate databases with noisy data. Our team of seasoned professionals helps to extract, clean, and streamline the output. Also, it uses decision-making machine learning algorithms to present the best business results.

Modern Technology For Custom AI Solutions For Your Business

Customized AI solutions help businesses to get a personalized touch to the user solutions. Digital is Simple is the leading Artificial Intelligence custom solution to help you get the next-gen ready success to add up to your business value.



The technology of Natural Language Processing helps to understand and interpret human languages. It analyzes text and speech data that comes directly from the users. So, it becomes crucial for chatbots, sentiment analysis, language translation, and informational retrieval. And the NLP algorithms can extract meaning from unstructured data, enhancing user interactions, and providing valuable insights for businesses. With applications in custom AI solutions, NLP plays a crucial role in decision-making processes.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Computer vision empowers AI systems to analyze and interpret visual data from images or videos. It's used in facial recognition, object detection, image segmentation, and medical image analysis. By enabling machines to "see" and understand the visual world, computer vision revolutionizes industries like healthcare, security, automotive, and retail. With applications in surveillance, diagnostics, quality control, and augmented reality.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms enable AI systems to learn from data and improve their performance over time without being explicitly programmed. They're applied in predictive analytics, recommendation systems, and anomaly detection, driving personalized experiences and efficient operations. With applications in finance, marketing, healthcare, and manufacturing, ML intelligent decision-making, automation, and optimization.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Deep learning models, inspired by the structure and function of the human brain, excel at processing complex data and extracting intricate patterns. They're used in speech recognition, image classification, natural language processing, and autonomous vehicles. Deep learning algorithms, such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and recurrent neural networks (RNNs), deliver high accuracy and scalability in tasks requiring sophisticated pattern recognition and feature extraction.

Personalization Engines

Reinforcement Learning

Another technique that allows AI service agents to learn optimal behaviors by interacting with their environment and receiving feedback on their actions. This technique is used in various fields such as robotics, gaming, finance, and resource management, which enables autonomous decision-making and adaptive strategies. Reinforcement learning algorithms learn from trial and error, which helps them discover complex strategies.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing

Edge computing brings AI processing closer to the data source, reducing latency and enabling real-time analysis in distributed environments. It's utilized in IoT devices, smart sensors, and remote monitoring systems, enhancing responsiveness, scalability, and privacy. By processing data locally at the edge, edge computing minimizes the need for centralized cloud infrastructure, conserves bandwidth, and improves reliability in mission-critical applications.


Why Should You Invest In Custom AI Services For Your Business?

Looking to offer personalized customer experiences for business success, we have a wide array of custom AI solutions under one roof. We have a robust solution to automate your internal business processes helping to transform the way customers interact with your services.

Services Ultimate Assurance

Our developers provide full-cycle services and solutions on custom AI solutions for businesses across different verticals.

Services Custom Development

Reduce operational costs, save important time, automate all tasks, and increase productivity with enhanced workflow.

Services Inventive Scientists

We have a team of data experts and specialists who have relevant knowledge to fix complex business queries in no time.

Services Concurrent Analysis

They are offering real-time data insights that help businesses improve their performances and avoid forthcoming misfortunes.

Services Personalized Solutions

Ease the process of automation with personalized and custom AI solutions, tailored as per the needs of the customers.

Services Work Transparency

Promising 100% transparency of the work and the process included during the product development.

Technology & Frameworks Our Experts Leverage Into Custom AI Solutions

We as a leading custom AI services provider offer the right set of solutions to businesses' needs. It helps to leverage the latest technologies and frameworks to create market-focused and value-added solutions to offer the best-in-class and next-gen smart solutions.

Explore Our Success Stories

success stories

Next-gen Learning Chatbot for High-octane Product Training

A strong sales strategy needs deep knowledge of product training for sales executives. With this approach in mind, our client decided to build a learning chatbot to help train their sales team on product features and advantages. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the chatbot makes the training process highly interactive and includes gamification for engagement.

success stories

Tracking & Collision Avoidance Mechanisms to Improve Road Safety

Our team of experienced AI/ML developers has developed a tracking and collision prediction application for pedestrian safety. Integrating advanced technologies for the development of a pedestrian safety module was the priority of our client. They need a new solution to address the rising need for safe traveling in big cities. Our development approach involved analyzing data using ML about the pedestrian's position, and road conditions.

success stories

Smart Lighting and Monitoring Solution for Farming Services

Our client offers advanced lighting and electrical solutions for different industry niches. They were looking for a solution to provide alternative lighting resources to farms. They already have hardware tools for artificial lighting but need an AI-powered application to remotely control. Our team has expertise in farming solutions together with AI technologies. This expertise was very much required for building and integrating a new application for smart lighting solutions.

success stories

Intelligent AI-powered Bot to Personalize Customer Service

Our team built an AI bot for a renowned retail brand as they want to improve their customer service. Our client is committed to personalizing the customer service with innovative solutions. As chatbots have become important to boost sales and personalize customer service, our client wanted to implement this technology. Our deep expertise in automation and implementing machine learning played a major role in chatbot development and deployment.

Our Step-By-Step Process To Develop Custom AI Solutions

Our client-oriented approach is the key to perfect custom AI solutions that will meet your expectations. You will get a top-notch AI solution that will perfectly integrate with your goals. With our help, your competitors will wonder what your secret is.



We analyze your business goals and translate everything into technical documents.


We gather a fitting team for your project, and the designer creates the prototype of your AI solution.



After deployment, we assign QA experts to fix bugs and provide general customer support.


The developers build your AI solution as you review results every two weeks. Your custom AI solution is deployed.


Industries We Cater To

Digital is Simple as a leading custom AI services provider in India helps to offer expertise gained over the years from industrial experts. We help each sector to flourish with seamless and smart technological integration from us as your trusted partner.

Why Choose Digital Is Simple To Custom AI Solutions For You?

At Digital Is Simple, we take pride in our proficiency and modern technologies related to custom-made artificial intelligence development services. Here is why to opt for Digital Is Simple for custom AI services & solutions.

Services Expertise Development

Our team of experts specializes in Artificial Intelligence and its varied uses, with extensive knowledge in this field. We take pride in Artificial Intelligence custom solutions tailored to fit your business requirements with outstanding results.

Services Diverse Stack

Our advanced artificial intelligence capabilities encompass multiple tools, such as machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, to build custom solutions that can efficiently address the individual needs of your business.

Services Collaborative Approach

Through mutual dialogue, we gain a thorough understanding of your business objectives, while contributing our expertise to enhance your custom AI solutions. Our team works together with you to ensure the system achieves optimal results.

Services Flexible Adaptions

With the clarity that no two businesses are alike, we craft custom AI solutions that perfectly fit your individualized needs. Furthermore, these solutions are elastic and adjustable, adapting to your fluctuating requirements.

Services Innovative Solutions

Our team consistently strives to be a pioneer in custom AI services innovation, testing out the newest methods and tools. Our mission is to bring forth creative solutions that resolve intricate business issues.

Services Transparent Services

Our pricing is transparent and cost-efficient, allowing you to have an idea of the expenditure for the customized AI solution. In addition, our staff communicates regularly, updating you on any alterations

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Frequently Asked Questions

AI technologies such as machine learning and deep learning can add considerable value to firms in a variety of industries. Custom software development projects that include AI technologies can result in increased efficiency, cost savings, and better client experiences.
AI's revolutionary effect on customs efficiency is obvious. AI automates data entry and analysis, removing the time-consuming manual processes that afflict traditional techniques. It rapidly compares product information to the appropriate tariff codes and alerts any differences.
Our Customs management solution improves efficiency by automating different activities related to the transportation of goods across borders. This reduces errors and improves the precision of customs declarations, payments, and other important information.
The complexity of your AI model is one of the most important elements in determining the cost of developing AI software. Especially complicated AI models can cost as much as an entire program. Custom AI systems typically cost between $6000 and $500,000.
One approach is to encourage open-source AI projects, which are free or inexpensive and allow individuals to collaborate and exchange ideas. Another approach is to make AI tools more user-friendly for persons with limited technical expertise. This suggests that we will not always require pricey professionals to use AI.

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