Document AI Solution

Document AI Solution

Document Artificial Intelligence Solution

Document AI is a robust AI solution allowing you to automate and accelerate business processes with insights from documents that matter the most for business growth.

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Make Smart Business Decision to Reduce Document Management Costs

Artificial Intelligence importance is invaluable when comes to smart business operation. AI has numerous benefits to offer for business enterprises consisting of Research & Development, process automation and other IT operations troubleshooting. You can leverage AI power to manage files in terms of Document AI Solution. Your daily business activities are optimized with the use of AI in document management. Document AI can boost business efficiency with complete security in a revolutionary manner.
Most business come across challenges when processing cloud-based documents. With the expert guidance on Document AI solution it becomes simple to address this pain point. Converting unstructured documents into structured one, improve operational efficiency and make smart business decisions.

Smart Business Decision

Explore our Document AI Services

Our document AI services leverage smart technology to extract data from unstructured and structured sources and streamline business processes.


Digital is Simple ensures to offer insightful results with zero delays. Our Document AI services use ICR, OCR, and NCL to extract the raw data from documents. And it includes names, images, videos, and numbers, to serve diverse customers.


We follow the complete process from extract, centralize to process from disparate sources. Our team of experts leverages smart potential technologies helps to align processes. And this practice allows us to transform data to make forecasts.


Our services implement an automated labeling process and eliminate errors in training data for an intuitive user interface. And our document AI services simplify this process for various users. It validates documents with labeling sufficiency.


Document AI facilitates the seamless integration of apps and workflows via REST API. Later on, you can monitor the environment through various testing and handling. Additionally, it helps in the development of AI apps for the deployment of AI models.

Challenges Document AI Services Address


Enterprises have to deal with unstructured and unsolicited data.


Human error can lead to inaccuracy, risks, and time consumption.


Hidden data insights can transform business decision strategy.

Process Document AI Solution Follows

It is a comprehensive process divided into four parts. From extraction, processing, and enriching with insights for successful deployment.

Process Document AI Solution


Document AI services help extract data from disparate documents, web pages, etc. And AI recognizes colors, pictures, logos, and embedded texts.

Trustworthy Services


Later after ingesting this data, the services enrich it with contextual data. Our services help to label and train data for the business decision-making process.

Proven Expertise


Document AI services enable the integration of cloud or smart environments. Along with APIs to form insights from the processed and labeled data.

Reputable Clientele


After all the processes, you can consume this data via enterprise apps. Even humans in the chain can help to perform and make accurate decisions.

Results-oriented Approach

Smart Decision-making with Document AI Services

Document AI ensures that smart technologies are integrated to streamline workflows and increase productivity. As a result, intelligent AI assists businesses in automating repetitive tasks. Our services assist your workforce in ensuring a smooth workflow. AI adds value to the human experience while also speeding up business processes.


Data Experts

We simplify the information pipeline in a unified REST point. Plus, our document AI services offer pipelines, models, learning, and processes. Our expertise enables the training and scoring of documents via APIs for seamless integration. So, it helps to access scoring documents as flat JSON files via APIs.


Business Users

Eliminating repetitive and mundane tasks can increase your productivity and streamline deliveries. Businesses process millions of data regularly. And our Document AI services help to extract essential information from businesses to streamline workflows. It helps you increase efficiency and free up space. So that you can deliver quality and valuable services effectively.

Applications of Document AI Solutions

Manual processing of contracts, invoices, and agreements demands time, effort, resources, etc. And AI is the smart choice to automate organizational tasks. And support to increase productivity, manage processes, and streamline workflow. Document AI solutions industrial uses:

Discovery and Planning
AI in insurance

Insurance is another complex landscape full of business document processing. And using Document AI solutions can help the underwriters to overcome potential challenges. Because it helps to automate the back-end tasks, efficiency, and offer intelligence against risks and claims.

Data Collection and Integration
AI in law

Law firms are always tangled with numerous documents and data for reviewing, negotiating, etc. And leveraging smart potential technologies, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Robotic Processes can streamline many manual tasks. And helps professionals to make informed decisions.

Data Cleaning and Preparation
AI in finance

Finance firms manage tonnes of data that need to process for various markets and investors. Document AI solutions offer insightful solutions to extract complex data, processes to automate, and customer KYC processing.

Why it is good to Invest in Document AI Solution?

Secure format

Secure format

Keep large volume of documents secured at one place in any format organized and secured.

Content Age

Cutting edge AI

Automatically scan and extract data from documents to save your time and money.

Deeper insights

Deeper insights

Get latest records and facts from your documents to make smart & better-informed decisions.

Enhanced efficiency

Enhanced efficiency

By centralizing all documents at one place, it results into secure, & organized cloud platform.

Save time

Save time

By getting the right information from relevant documents in every search saving time.

Our Document AI Development Process

With focus on client satisfaction, our team follows all-inclusive approach to provide Document AI solution with quality standards.

  • Evaluating business requirements
  • Outlining technology roadmap
  • Prototyping & advanced coding
  • Building flexible solution
  • Offering solution roadmap
  • Launching application
Support & Maintenance
  • Providing post-launch support
  • Addressing possible inefficiencies

Why Choose Digital is Simple for Document AI Solutions

We aim to reimagine the landscape of businesses to automate and accelerate processes. Our Document AI services implement a strategy to create business models that will help your organization win. We ensure to leverage the potential technology and streamline the business tasks.

And craft the user journey and potential that strengthen the connected networks. Scalability and security are at the core of our business value. So, with our technological capabilities, we help enterprises to unleash the future of digital transformation.

Our Document AI solution helps to extract data, digitize processes, enrich information, and offer the best solutions. Digital is Simple aims to deliver your vision integrated with intelligence and automation.

Document AI Solutions

Our Document AI Integration Process

Our technical team Document AI solution can manage complex, and large volume of Data in a secure manner. Just consult our experienced team with different engagement models personalized to meet your business needs.

  • Project Requirement
  • Business Analysis
  • Website Tracking
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Support & Maintenance

Serving All Major Industries

Our Document AI services cover all the major industries. Here are some of the top industrial domains.

  • Healthcare
  • Banking & Finance
  • Social Networking
  • E-commerce
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Media & Entertainment

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Start unlocking relevant insights from your business documents with Document AI today.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the help of Document AI it becomes simple to convert unstructured data and easier to understand. Different steps are involved ranging from analysis to content classification, for smooth data access. Data scientists use Document AI to convert images to text.

We follow different pricing structure according to your business requirements:

  • Dedicated Hiring
  • Hourly Basis
  • Fixed Hiring

NDA is highly important to ensure our services are confidential and services are bound to it. Every Document AI project under development is done after data backup with maximum level of privacy.