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Top 10 AI Consulting Companies Leading the Tech Revolution in 2024

We all know that the world of technology is ever-evolving. And what has revolutionized it is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It has given a new dimension to industries to play in by redefining the possibilities. Furthermore, big players are always on the search for innovative ways to outdo their competitors and AI has just helped them in doing it better. To make the best of AI, businesses frequently look forward to the top AI consulting companies. Hence, the importance of these firms is undeniable.

AI just doesn’t make the operations run smoother, it is capable of a lot more! From analyzing tons of data to creating new products, you name it! An AI is like having an intelligent assistant who takes care of all your boring tasks for you. Therefore, AI consulting companies play a crucial role in helping businesses to harness all that power that comes with AI. These companies act as a guiding light for organizations to adopt AI.

However, there’s one issue, not all companies have the knowledge to leverage AI. Most of them struggle in three key areas which are:

  • A clear plan for using AI
  • Knowing what AI can actually do
  • Having the right people who know their way around AI

If it were not for these AI consulting companies, businesses might fall behind and miss golden opportunities to do better. They’re the pros who help businesses capitalize on AI.

In this article, we’ve listed down the top AI companies in India. shedding light on their significance and the criteria that led to their selection. But, before diving into the name of these top players in AI. Let’s get to know more about why they are so important.

Importance of AI Consulting Companies


So, these AI-powered products are getting super important. Everybody wants cool stuff like ChatGPT, but not everyone can make it happen because, you know, it’s a bit tricky. Sometimes the tech isn’t perfect, or companies are unsure who to hire for the job. That’s where these AI consulting folks come in—they’re like the matchmakers between businesses and tech experts. Their main gig? Helping companies figure out how to make their operations way better with AI magic.

However, implementing AI is not as easy as you think it is. It’s more than just deploying advanced algorithms. You need to have a foolproof strategy that is in sync with your business goals. The experts that you’ll hire will help you strategize and assist you in identifying the areas in which AI can drive value for your business. These professionals make AI accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Moreover, this rapidly evolving nature of AI technologies demands you to stay up to date which turns out to be a challenge for most organizations. So, AI consultants bridge this knowledge gap and make sure that businesses leverage the latest advancements to stay ahead in the race.

What Does AI Consulting Services Do?

What Does AI Consulting Services Do?

Let’s talk about how these AI helpers get things done. AI Consulting can be broadly categorized into three key functions as follows:

  • Strategic Planning: So, first things first. The AI consultants need to know what your business is all about. Before they get down to it, they chat with you to figure out your needs and the issues you are facing. Think of it just like having a conversation with your friend who wants to understand everything about your business.

Thereafter, they assist you in developing a comprehensive roadmap for AI adoption. This includes understanding the unique challenges and opportunities that come with it. These AI development services providers want you to know how they align AI initiatives with your overall business objectives.

  • Implementation and Integration: Once they put a strategy in place, it’s time for action. AI consulting companies play a crucial role in implementing AI solutions. They plan out how to use AI to make your business more efficient.

This starts with picking the right tech expert for the job, managing the project, and making sure everything runs smoothly. From integrating AI into your current systems to ensuring that transition is seamless minimizing the disruptions, they do it all. It’s like organizing a big party, but instead of balloons, it’s about making your business shine.

  • Teaching the crew: So, this friend not only plans the party but also teaches you the coolest dance moves. The journey of AI doesn’t end with its implementation. AI consultants make sure your team knows the ins and outs of the AI world. They’re like your personal AI tutors.

Also, working with AI is a process of continuous refinement. It needs ongoing monitoring and optimization of AI solutions. These hired AI experts ensure that these solutions stay in alignment with your evolving business requirements as well as technological advancements.

Factors Considered in Curating the Top AI Consulting Companies List


We followed a rigorous evaluation process to select the top AI consulting companies. For that, various factors were taken into consideration to ensure that the chosen companies are not only leading the pack but are also well-equipped to meet the diverse business needs.

Here are the bunch of things we looked at to find out which AI companies are the best at what they do:

  • Expertise and experience: The years of experience matters. So, we checked the proven track record of the companies in AI consulting. Along with the type of industries they have worked in and the challenges they faced that demonstrate their deep understanding of the field.
  • Innovation: Examined how innovative they are. As in, checking how they recognize pioneering solutions and in adopting emerging technologies. Additionally, how willing they have been to push the boundaries of AI capabilities.
  • Client reviews and testimonials: Checked with clients and listened to what they had to say about their experience with these companies and if they did a good job for them. Positive feedback from clients is vital as it indicates a high level of satisfaction they provide with their services.
  • Global presence and team size: Analyzed if they have a big or a small team of experts. In addition, their ability to operate on a global scale. If they are capable of catering to the needs of businesses irrespective of their geographical location.
  • Versatility: Scanned if they offer a wide range of AI services from strategic planning to implementation and optimization.

So, by looking at all these things, we figured out which AI companies are the real champs in the game.

Top AI Consulting Companies in India in 2024

We’ve put together a list of the best AI consulting companies to make your search for the right IT consulting company easier. However, our selection is based on important factors like experience, portfolio, cost, and development capabilities.

Without further adieu, let’s dive into the list of the top 10 AI consulting companies of 2024 that have distinguished themselves in this dynamic field.

1- Orange Mantra

Enter the realm of Orange Mantra, where innovation isn’t a mere buzzword but a genuine way of life. Orange Mantra is a powerhouse of innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve. Their team of experts combines creativity with technical prowess to develop custom AI solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations. With a global presence, Orange Mantra is well-positioned to guide businesses on their AI journey, regardless of their location.

Their commitment to pushing boundaries and setting trends sets them apart. They understand your business and envision its future, thriving on the cutting edge. With a global reach and a personalized approach, Orange Mantra delivers unique AI development solutions that exceed expectations. They offer a transformative journey into the extraordinary, making them your go-to choice for innovation and imagination in the AI landscape.

  • Clients- Their clientele includes big names such as Cvent, HT Media Group, Morafy, PayU, and more.
  • Services:‎ Mobile App Development, Emerging tech Solutions, Power BI Solutions, Software Solutions, E-commerce Solutions.
  • CEO: Vinit Choudhary
  • Clutch Rating: 4.9
  • Founded: 2001
  • Headquarters: Gurugram, Haryana
  • Employees: 500+
  • Revenue: $18.3 Million
  • Tech stack: MongoDB, Swift AI, Eclipse IoT, Unity 3D, DCImanager, Google Cloud and more

2- Wipro

Wipro needs no introduction, right? Wipro has seamlessly made its way into the AI consulting domain. Thanks to their years of experience in the industry that drives them to offer incredible AI solutions. They have you covered from the strategy formulation to the implementation part of it and also, continuous refinement. They are popular globally and their dedication to produce excellence has placed them on our list.  

  • Clients-Saudi Telecom Company, Dimension Data, Equinix, Inc. International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and more
  • CEO: Thierry Delaporte
  • Clutch Rating: 4.5
  • Founded: 1945
  • Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Employees: 245K
  • Revenue: $11.3B

3- Zensar Technologies

Zensar Technologies is leading the way in the AI revolution, offering creative solutions that drive substantial business transformation. Their dedication to flexibility and adaptability empowers clients to confidently traverse the ever-changing AI landscape. Zensar’s holistic approach to AI consulting cements its role as a trusted partner for organizations embarking on the path of digital transformation.

  • CEO: Manish Tandon
  • Services: Digital supply chain, artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure, data management, enterprise applications
  • Clutch Rating: 4.0
  • Founded: 1963
  • Headquarters: Pune
  • Employees: 11000+
  • Revenue: $56.94M

4- DataToBiz

DataToBiz is a leading figure in the AI consulting sector, renowned for its proficiency in translating data into actionable insights. What truly distinguishes them is their unwavering commitment to client success, coupled with a data-centric methodology. DataToBiz excels at turning complex data landscapes into strategic advantages, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of AI for informed decision-making.

  • CEO: Ankush Sharma
  • Services:  Google’s cloud-computing data management, hybrid, and AI services
  • Clutch Rating: 4.8
  • Founded: 2020
  • Headquarters:  Punjab
  • Employees: 100+
  • Revenue: $10,000

5- Digital Is Simple

Kicking it off with Digital Is Simple. If you’ve ever wished for a tech partner who speaks your language, then they are your answer. What Digital Is Simple brings to the table is their simple approach and complex solutions.

These guys specialize in simplifying complex AI solutions & ensuring they align with each client’s specific needs for real business benefits. They differentiate themselves through transparency and collaboration, viewing clients as active participants in their digital transformation journey.

Their approach is refreshingly straightforward, devoid of technical complexities, resembling a friendly conversation with an AI expert. In a tech-advanced world, they stand out by not just simplifying but also enhancing businesses, making them future-ready in the most simple manner possible.

  • Services:  AI consulting, Cloud Migration, Chatgpt Integration
  • Clients: Hero, PVR, Ecom, Panasonic, SHL
  • Clutch Rating: 4.8
  • Founded: 2021
  • Headquarters:  Gurugram, Haryana
  • Employees: 100+
  • Revenue: $10M

6- Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd

Happiest Minds Technologies lives up to its name by infusing positivity into the field of AI consulting. Their all-encompassing strategy encompasses cognitive computing, analytics, and digital transformation. Their unwavering commitment to delivering tangible business benefits makes them a reliable partner for organizations seeking to seamlessly incorporate AI into their operations.

  • Services:‎ Mobile App Development, Emerging tech Solutions, Power BI Solutions, Software Solutions, E-commerce Solutions.
  • CEO: Sashi Kumar
  • Founded: 2011
  • Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Employees: 10000+
  • Revenue: $177.8 Million

7- InData Lab

InData Lab is renowned for its pioneering AI solutions that redefine what’s possible. Specializing in machine learning and data science, InData Lab creates solutions that empower businesses to lead the way in innovation. Their unwavering commitment to research and innovative thinking makes them the preferred partner for organizations seeking game-changing AI solutions.

  • Services:‎ Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics
  • CEO: Marat Karpeko
  • Clutch Rating: 4.9
  • Founded: 2014
  • Headquarters: Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Employees: 500+
  • Revenue: $10 million

8- F(x) Data Labs

F(x) Data Labs is at the forefront of the AI industry, known for its innovative solutions that harmonize creativity and technical prowess. Moreover, they prioritize the customization of AI strategies for each business, guaranteeing clients receive unique solutions tailored to their specific challenges. Furthermore, F(x) Data Labs’ steadfast commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI solidifies its position as a prominent player in the consulting field.

  • Services:‎ Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things
  • CEO:Hemen Ashodia
  • Clutch Rating: 4.9
  • Founded: 2015
  • Headquarters: Ahmedabad
  • Employees: 500+
  • Revenue: $4.8M per year

9- is a leader in conversational AI solutions. They redefine how businesses engage with their customers. Their AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are at the forefront of driving customer interactions.’s mastery of natural language processing and automation positions them as a crucial player for organizations aiming to improve customer experiences through the use of AI.

10- Infosys

Infosys, a global powerhouse in IT consulting, has seamlessly integrated AI into its range of services. With a strong emphasis on intelligent automation, Infosys assists organizations in unlocking elevated levels of efficiency and fostering innovation. However, their unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical AI practices positions them as a trusted partner for businesses navigating the complexities of AI adoption.

  • Clients- Axis Bank, Aetna, Apple, American Express and Southern California Edison and more.
  • Services:‎ Service Experience, ‎Emerging Technology, ‎Engineering Services
  • CEO: Salil Parekh
  • Clutch Rating: 5.0
  • Founded: 1981
  • Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Employees: 328K+
  • Revenue: $18.55B


Finally, as we navigate the complexities of the digital age, AI consulting companies emerge as the guiding light. They illuminate the path to innovation and efficiency. The top 10 AI consulting companies of 2023, as highlighted in this article, represent the vanguard of AI excellence. Whether you’re a small startup or a multinational corporation, these companies have proven their mettle in driving meaningful AI adoption.

However, as AI continues to evolve, the role of these consulting companies becomes even more crucial. They are not just service providers; they are strategic partners, helping businesses unlock the full potential of AI and charting a course toward a future where possibilities are limitless. So, embracing AI isn’t just a technological leap; it’s a transformative journey.