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Top 8 AI Companies in India (2023)

Artificial intelligence is spreading like a wildfire. And why not? Every day brings up the new invention of AI services to the market. And it changes our lives in one way or another. However, the integration of AI in sectors is not new. But, the types of AI services have transformed how we are used to complete processes. However, top AI companies in India can help you a bit more. If you want to know more, let’s get started.

How do AI services help enterprises? 

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzz around the world to enhance businesses. As it is one of the technologies that is most necessary for your business to succeed. The firm achieves effective results thanks to future-proof AI integrations. 

There are many top Artificial Intelligence Companies in India to take help for these services. And they would help upgrade your enterprise to be ahead of competitors. Plus, they offer help via expertise across the business verticals.  

Some other benefits AI has for the enterprises: 

  • It offers high accuracy in multitasking 
  • Minimize expenses with effective solutions 
  • Automation for every sector processes 
  • Quick decision-making process 

Statistics of AI global share and forecast 

AI is quite a trend due to its positive effects on business operations. And we could see a promising future with its integration into the industries. 

  • The AI global market share is expected to grow at a rate of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030.  
  • And the Indian AI market size will reach $3,935.5 million by 2028, with a growth rate (CAGR) of 33.28%.  
  • Indian AI expenditure is estimated to surge at a CAGR of 39% to reach $ 11,781 million by 2025. 

Services offered by AI development companies 


Here are some common AI services you get from service providers. 

  • Functional AI 

This form of AI controls massive amounts of data searches to fit in different patterns. Functional AI takes care of users without the need for direction. When AI detects any probable inaccuracy in the data, similar to the IoT cloud, it will execute the stop command. Additionally, it demonstrates a great method for shrewdly removing the incorrect component itself.  

You can consult top AI companies in India for functional AI integration. It also makes it simpler for any developer or tester to check the program. The robots keeping the shelves organized are visible even to you. 

  • Analytics AI  

Functional AI is similar to this. But it also incorporates ML, AI, and deep learning methods. And used it to examine the data for trends and suggestions. As a result, your company receives the knowledge necessary to make wise decisions. It can detect threats and sentiment when AI gathers recent and historical data. 

You can consult AI development companies in India for more assistance. So, that it can thoroughly analyze the requests and behavior of the user. Additionally, it facilitates forecasting and inventory management.  

  • Text AI  

Another AI service that helps businesses with every text-related query. You can easily translate speech to text, translation, content generation, etc. So, this matter type helps to test AI as a service for any type of content formation. Plus, it is believed to be the best for companies that are not tech giants. Or who wants to create a brand name in the market?  

AI-powered text services like conversational AI solutions help in research, editing, and deleting. Apart from keyword research, this helps in extra help. This AI type helps in semantic searches and processing than NLP texts. 

  • Interactive AI  

You can choose this type for your business to level up the interaction. The most popular example of such type is chatbots. Because virtual assistants help to interact with various users. You can consult top AI companies in India to get seamless AI integration.  

This smart interactive AI has some pre-built questions to understand conversations. So, it is a great help for a startup to deal with multiple users. Plus, it helps you to increase productivity.  

  • Visual AI  

Last, but not least. Visual AI helps enterprises to identify, classify, and present. Because it takes the data in different forms of images, videos, carousels, etc. Supposedly it takes photos of the damaged car to see the estimate insurance cost.  

This way the various data helps to offer insights to help the firms. So, a visual AI helps in production, design, or testing levels. It can even help in face recognition or personalizing color for screens. Plus, it allows you to tailor the requirements. 

List of top AI companies in India  

Here are some top-listed to help you with AI services. 

1- Digital is Simple 


Digital is Simple is one of the top AI development companies in India to offer future-ready solutions. Integrating the cutting-edge tech stack into your solutions is the main goal. They are excellent at providing cloud-based models, IoT, AI, ML, and other digital innovation solutions. Additionally, their inside specialist has more than ten years of experience.  

Plus, it contributes to streamlining procedures and enhancing business operations. Document AI, Conversational AI, Text AI, and other AI development services are among the many that this custom AI development company provides. Additionally, their solutions have helped a variety of sectors and verticals. 

2- OrangeMantra 


Coming down to another one of the top AI companies in India is OrangeMantra, which offers winning AI solutions. With over two decades of experience, they have served multiple niches with tech-driven solutions. Plus the wide range of AI services includes multiple solutions.  

Such as AI implementation, Language processing, Conversational AI, machine learning, etc. Their experienced AI experts help to automate processes and create winning AI solutions. Moreover, the firm helps businesses with its customized AI solutions. 

3- Hyperlink InfoSystem 


Hyperlink InfoSystem is another provider of AI services that creates business AI solutions. It aids businesses in maintaining an advantage over rivals. Because AI companies create business solutions that incorporate AI, ML, Blockchain, and IoT. Further aids businesses in gaining a competitive edge and operational efficiency. The organization that develops custom AI is excellent at providing clever solutions. The company provides everything, from advice and the creation of AI to full support. 

4- Cognizant 


One of the renowned AI development companies in India, it offers to improve business operations. They serve modern businesses with customized AI solutions. And they offer AI, blockchain, ML, and IoT customized solutions for foolproof development. Plus, they help businesses to be prepared for the future and offer excellent UX.  

And the experienced team helps to understand your unique needs. Moreover, they satisfy the clients across the verticals with modernized solutions. Or it helps to reimagine processes and helps with a fast-changing landscape. 

5- Accenture 


We move to another globally reputed best AI company in India with future-ready AI services. They combine cloud, AI, security, and other future-forward services. Plus, with years of experience, they have served over 40+ industries across the verticals. Their expert AI team served the business partners with a wide range of AI services.  

Such as consultation, technology integration, AI implementation, operations, etc. Accenture stands strong as the largest technology network with multiple centers. They have more than 710,000 experts to help business partners and customize solutions.  

Moreover, the firm embraces tech-powered solutions to create value and reputation in the market. And serve communities, clients, business partners, stakeholders, etc. 

6- IBM 


Here we are at one of the top AI companies in India, which excels at offering well-researched solutions. IBM creates customized create customized AI solutions. Their business partners praise them for their extensive support and excellent solutions.  

You will be impressed by the AI expert’s experience they put into your solutions. They offer a wider range of AI services integrated with a promising tech stack. Such as AI, ML, IoT, or other AI-integrated services for businesses. IBM impresses with its experience, tech stack, and talent.  

7- Globant 


Switching to a different digitally inspired company to assist you in advance. With reimagined AI solutions, Globant assists business partners in gaining a competitive edge. Additionally, it aids in revealing the market potential of your company. Every phase of their AI services is developed by an amazing staff. Inventing, design, development, and consulting services are all included.  

You can benefit from the 27,000 employees’ unique ideas as they assist you with your project. In addition, some of the world’s largest tech companies are among the diverse group of partners. like Electronic Arts, Google, Rockwell, etc. Additionally, they provide all-encompassing solutions for their business partners. 

8- iMobDev Technologiesi-mob-devWe move to the last outsourced AI services provider. iMobDev technologies help to develop and maintain AI solutions. The skilled AI team serves the industries with customized solutions. Plus, the firm helps the business partners to gain significant growth in the market. To date, 400+ applications in the form delivered successful projects. iMobDev consists of excelling solutions for your business with experts to help you with cutting-edge services. 


If you want an excellent AI solution, you need a reliable partner. Hoeber above AI development companies for your support. For more consideration, consult top AI companies in India for your projects. 


1- What impact does AI have on the service sector? 

Businesses may offer 24/7 customer care to their consumers, fixing issues and providing queries with speed and accuracy, by deploying AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants. 

2- How does AI benefit the service industry? 

The adoption of AI in the service industry improves decision-making, personalization, and efficiency. 

3- How does AI impact organizational performance? 

It can increase important performance measures including revenue, productivity, corporate growth, digital transformation, and efficiency thanks to its capacity for processing enormous amounts of data.